Adventures in Scottish MBA Programs!

Long time, absolutely no post! If you’re visiting my site for the first time or after a long while, you may have noticed my hiatus notice. Yes, I am currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and completing (hopefully!) the MBA program at the University of Edinburgh. Unfortunately, due to the terms of my visa as well as the intense nature of the program (it only runs for 12 months), I am unable to take on projects until I’ve completed the program at the end of August 2019.

So, like I said, my course load is pretty intense, but several people have suggested they would be interested in following my adventures here in Auld Reekie, so I’ll try to actually get this blog running and share my perspectives on business school and living abroad. Then we’ll see if anyone is interested in reading it! If you just want pictures, my Instagram is public and packed with photos: @jenet27.

OK, I’m typing this in class and should probably be paying attention, so stay tuned! And if you have any questions, jump into the comments.

3 Natural Beauty Products You Can Make (Cheaper) Yourself

I've been promising for a year that this blog is "coming soon," so I thought I would get it somewhat started by linking to some blog posts I've been writing elsewhere. First up: I love writing about beauty and about one of my favorite books I've edited, Homemade Beauty, and with the holidays here it's the perfect time to craft some easy DIY beauty products to give as gifts. I'm the least crafty person and even I managed to whip up the brown sugar and honey body scrub, stick it in a mason jar, and hot glue some pretty ribbons and a nice label to it. Just click the title above to go to the site and read up.

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